Delicately chic, these stunning earrings in a dramatic triangle shape design are all handmade with dazzling Red and Clear Swarovski Crystal Beads, connected by a metal chain and fish/french hook wire Great for holiday dress!
two silver-colored rings Swarovski pin. Cash only.
BABUL #1402 Babul has a nose for Krystals. She loves to sneak the krystals Poffles and Trumph have stolen from Krak N’Borg and hide them. She finds great amusement in watching her fellow Bobolis frantically scurry about trying to figure out where they have misplaced their krystals. Babul stands 2 in. high This piece is #16768 and comes with the original box. Krystonia is pr...
GILBRAIN OF WENLOCK & KRYSTALS -#3906 Gilbrah of Wenlock-#3906 Oh master wizard what have you done? A weather spell. With his arms trapped by his luxuriant beard Gilbran yells for help. If only Shoof could find him before any one else his embarrassment would not be so great. lt seems by now he would know to never cast a weather spell down wind. GILBRAIN OF WENLOCK stands 6 in. high This ...
Poffles #1401 Poffles can be easily located by following the sound of his irrepressible giggles. Nothing makes him and his friend, Trumph, laugh more than sneaking krystals away from Myzer's hoard. Poffles stands 3 3/4 in. high This piece is #19456 and comes with the original box. Trumph #1501 Trumph is irrepressible, gleeful and always hungry. ln between mouthful's of food...
SHADRAS #3401 The Maj-Deon crafted krystal necklace that Shadra wears is one of her most prized passions. Not only does it make her feel beautiful but it has protective powers as well. Although innocent looking she is know in Cairn For for her organizational abilities. But for her, Stoopes hide might be enhancing Grunchs cavern walls! Shadra stands 3 1/2 in. high This piece is #19800 and ...
Charcoal Cookie-#3451 lt’s a dragon's delight. Fresh charcoal Cookies! Such tasty treats can be worth waiting for. This young dragon shows the determination of a master wizard in trying to devour his oversized delicacy. Could he have bitten off more than he can handle? Somehow l doubt it. Charcoal Cookie stands 3 ½ in. high This piece is #3368 and comes with the original box. K...
Twingnuk-# 506 This troll has a name but no one (including himself) remembers it. He goes by the nickname Twingnuk. I venture to guess that he picked it up from the sound of falling rocks hitting his metal helmet (twing) and then hitting the ground (nuk). Gathering from the look in his eyes this must be an everyday occurrence. Twingnuk stands 4 in. high This piece is #2602 and comes with the...
All Handmade with Faux Pearl Beads, centered with a Swarovski Crystal Bi-Cone Teardrop! Connected by a Lobster Clasp Size - 9"
These daintily precious earrings are all Handmade with sparkling Citrine and Purple Swarovski Crystal Beads! Connected by fish/french hook wire
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